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12 November 2008 @ 07:41 pm
a minor footnote  
So, I'm back again, this time with an apparently not much shorter comment...

I've been seeing it argued lately that we will "never know" Lelouch's feelings for any of the lovely ladies in his rather interesting harem.

I find this to be true for two of them: Karen and CC. The best we got for CC was "She's my...my..." and then nothing. And the best we got for Karen was a pained silence after she kissed him and revealed her own feelings to him.

But wait...Lelouch has told three girls his feelings, even if one was an afterthought.

Euphie. "She was my first love."

Nunnally. "I love you."

Shirley-- Wait wait wait a minute. Lelouch said he had feelings for Shirley? Say it isn't so!

That's right, the episode everyone who's a fan of another pairing wants to forget, the dreaded episode 12, which had no real plot purpose other than to develop Lelouch and Shirley.


Leouch: 『それは。。。好きだから。。。』("That's...because I like you...") <--there are no ifs or maybes in this sentence ;p

Shirley: 『うそ。本気じゃないくせに。』("No way. You're not even serious.") <-- she doesn't believe him

Lelouch:『ちがう!』("You're wrong!" or "That's wrong!") <-- odd for a guy who was just given a "way out" of his lie

Then there is a pause where she's surprised because, heck, the boy is being genuine and she knows it. She called his lie earlier, so this can't be another lie. Shirley can tell the difference between liar Lulu and genuine Lulu.

Lelouch:『いや俺はその。。。どうしてだろう。。。』("no I um...why, I wonder...") <-- either he surprised himself or he's trying to back out of saying it, 'cause he knows that that will what? oh yeah, get her involved with him, which he's been trying not to do and even made a point of saying in the beginning of the episode.

I rest my case. Yes, Lelouch did say, out loud, that he liked Shirley romantically. So if anyone tries to tell you otherwise or that Lelouch never said his feelings to any of the girls, obviously they didn't watch episode 12 or they hated the Ashford episodes so much they didn't even notice this section. :P

Oh, and if anyone tries to use the "he pushes away those he loves" excuse to justify their pairing, just remember: he's been doing that for Shirley for two seasons. He only started it with Karen (and Rivalz and the rest) after Shirley's death and Nunnally's "death". So Shirley has precedence there as well. :P

Anyway, thanks everyone for giving this a glance.

An aside to this, but I was wondering if you'd all give me some feedback on what you'd like in the R2 manifesto for LuluShir. We already have an excellent Season 1 manifesto, but it might be more complete for me if I add Season 1 as well in my arguments. So the question is: should I add season 1 into the new manifesto or keep it strictly R2? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you everyone who decides to read this. <3
i hurt the flower.: ❙I'VE GOT DREAMS TO REMEMBERsnoozy on November 13th, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)

No srsly, like i have told you i TOTALLY love your points and how you write things and i can't help but agree with you. &hearts

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Kuragehime: shirleyehaine_asakura on November 14th, 2008 03:39 am (UTC)
I love your icon and I love you for doing this <3
You're absolutely right!
Thank you so much TOT
Kuragehimehaine_asakura on November 14th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
Sorry for the double reply ...But maybe you could add some things of season 1 in your manifiesto. Only the necessary I guess, to support some points like what you said about pushing away the loved ones o.o If you need help or anything I would like to help you n.n
snowdevil_crowsnowdevil_crow on November 26th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
I completely agree with this. Mind you, his obvious love for Shirley doesn't really make the other pairings any less valid, IMO, but that might just be me. >_>

As for R2 manifesto of LuluShir... I think it would be good to have some stuff from season one as long as it's mainly focused on R2... =)
mayura_kururugi: lulushirmayura_kururugi on December 13th, 2008 02:58 pm (UTC)
I'm agree to!! *///////////////*